(Most Powerful Forensic Workstation)


Application: Cyber Crime Investigation, Imaging, Read Only / Write Blocked Media Access, Deleted Data Recovery, Digital Evidence Collection, Password Recovery, Disk Duplication, MD5 Hash Value Analysis, Recovery of emails, Retrieve User History,  Forensic Imaging, Cell Phone / Mobile Phone Examinations, SIM Card Analysis, Secure File & Folder Analysis, Safe Cyber Forensic working environment etc…

Useful to: Forensic Science Labs, Police Departments, Cyber Cell, University Labs, Forensic Scientists, Cyber Experts, Forensic Examiners, Law Firms, Forensic Firms, Researchers, Investigators, Research Students, IT Organizations, Computer or Cyber Consultants etc… (Rights Reserved)



v   Intel® Processor / CPU - Core i7 / Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition: Fastest Processor on the Planet

v Unique Turbo Boost Technology accelerates performance to match a computer user's and Cyber Experts needs and workloads

v  The high performance platform capabilities of Intel® X58 Express Chipset-based motherboards, along with faster, intelligent multi-core technology

v    Up to 3.6 GHz with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology, 6 cores and 12 processing threads with Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology, 8 to 12 MB Intel® Smart Cache

v     3 Channels DDR3 or DDR5 1066 to 2200 MHz (12 GB / 24 GB / 36 GB RAM) Memory Module

v     Hi-Speed USB 3.0, provides greater enhancement in performance with a design data rate of up to 480 to 800 megabits per second (Mbps) with up to 14 USB 3.0 Ports.

v     4 x 1.5V DDR3 DIMM sockets supporting up to 24 to 36 GB of system memory (RAM),  Support for DDR3 2200/1600/1333/1066/800 MHz memory modules, Support for non-ECC memory modules and Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) memory modules

v   Better Overclocking- Delivering native support for DDR3 2200+ and DDR2 memory up to 1366+ MHz, Ultra Durable 3 series motherboards allow users to reach higher memory frequency at lower voltage

v  Lower Temperature- Doubling the amount of copper provides a more effective thermal cooling solution by delivering a more efficient spreading of heat from critical areas of the motherboard such as the CPU power zone throughout the entire PCB.

v     Dual BIOS Support- A motherboard contains two BIOS chips, a main BIOS and a backup BIOS. This type of motherboard setup helps a motherboard recover from any issues that may happen during a BIOS update, helps protect the BIOS from any potential virus, and helps with any other issues that may arise related to the BIOS.

v     4 x PCI slots (4 PCI Ports), 1 x PCI Express x16 slot, running at x16 (PCIEX16) (The PCIEX16 slot conforms to PCI Express 2.0 standard.), 1 x PCI Express x16 slot, running at x4 (PCIEX4), 1 x PCI Express x1 slot

v     Support for ATI CrossFireX™ technology

v     High-speed storage interface supports faster transfer rate for improved data access with up to 6 SATA ports.

v     SATA interface designed for use with external SATA devices. It provides a link for 3 to 6 Gb/s data speeds to eliminate bottlenecks found with current external storage solutions.

v     Support for SATA RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10

v    PCI Express* 2.0 interface: Offers up to 2.5GT/s for fast access to peripheral devices and networking with up to 8 PCI Express* 2.0 x1 ports, configurable as x2 and x4 depending on motherboard designs.

v   Latest data protection technology provides a recovery point that can be used to quickly recover a system should a hard drive fail or if there is data corruption. The clone can also be mounted as a read-only volume to allow a user to recover individual files.

v     1 x IDE connector supporting ATA-133/100/66/33 and up to 2 IDE devices, 2 x SATA 3 to 6 Gb/s connectors (GSATA2_0, GSATA2_1) supporting up to 2 SATA 3Gb/s devices; Support for SATA RAID 0, RAID 1, and JBOD; 2 x eSATA 3Gb/s connectors on the back panel supporting up to 2 SATA 3Gb/s devices (JMB362 SATA2 chip); I/O Controller- iTE IT8720 chip

v  System voltage detection, CPU / System temperature detection, CPU / System / Power fan speed detection, CPU overheating warning, CPU / System / Power fan fail warning, CPU / System fan speed control

v     Integrated IDE Drive, SATA Drive, SCSI Drive, USB, Firewire IEEE 1394b Write Blocker, Facilitates the quick and safe acquisition and/or analysis of any disk or media attached directly to workstation OR USB - IDE / SATA Drive Hardware Write Blocker (3.5" SATA, 3.5" IDE / PATA, 2.5" (Notebook) SATA, 2.5" (Notebook) IDE / PATA) - up to 480 Mbps (FCC, CE, RoHS Certified)

v     Support for Microsoft® Windows 7 / Vista / XP (32 Bit / 64 Bit) etc

v     Internal 1-5 TB Hard Drive (2000 GB and more Storage Capacity)

v     Removable drive bays, external hard disk tray etc

v     Hardware write blocker (Read Only) for Forensic use (#Internal)

v     Super Cool Cabinet / Chassis- Aluminum Alloy, Intelligent user interface with concealable I/O panel featuring a built-in touch sensor, Side panel comes with a 200mm fan (150CFM) for maximum VGA cooling, 120mm x 3 radiator can be mount inside the top of the case, Meshed front panel with red LED fan to enhance airflow, Independent air intake designed for bottom-mounted PSU, Patented button design for easy maintenance of 5.25”drive devices, 5.25" 7 Drive Bay etc

v     With inbuilt Super Cooling System- Front: 120 x 25 mm fan x 1 / 1200 rpm / 17 dBA, Top: 120 x 25 mm x 1 / 1200 rpm / 17 dBA (supports 120 mm x 2) (optional) Rear: 120 x 25 mm fan 1 / 1200 rpm / 17 dBA, Side: 230 x 30 mm fan x 1 / 900 rpm / 150 CFM)

v  Sends Examination Reports, Documents etc by FAX directly without Fax Machine

v    Save, Print and Convert Examination Reports, any Documents etc to PDF, JPG Files

v     and many more…



[These configurations can be modified according to specific needs etc.]



(All Configuration given bellow are based on our own research and plans suitable for Fastest Data Recovery, Disk Duplication and Case Solving Tools) Following Prices are including service taxes, custom duties, excise duties, VAT, shipping cost etc required for additional accessories only, but some cases or modifications may change these prices.  (AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY)


Configuration and Details High End Mid Range Lite Edition
Processor Core i7 Extreme Core i7 Core i3
RAM (DDR3 / DDR5) 24 GB / 36 GB 12 GB / 24 GB 08 GB / 12 GB
Mother Board High End Fastest Mid Super Average
Cabinet Ultra Forensic Super Station Forensic PC Normal Forensic
Hard Disk Tray 3 to 6 Bay 2 to 4 Bay 1 to 2 Bay
Storage Capacity 2 TB / 5 TB 1.5 TB / 2 TB 500 GB / 1 TB
Write Blocker SATA / eSata / IDE / USB / Micro SATA / FireWire and more (Fastest and Well Equipped) SATA / IDE / USB (Basic) SATA / USB
Data Tr. Speed 3-6 GB/S 1-3 GB/S 400-800MB/S
USB 3.0 Ports YES - 6 to 12 Port YES - 4 to 8 Ports 2.0 - 4 to 8 Ports
PCI / PCIe / SATA Slots 4 to 8 / 8 to 12 3 to 6 1 to 4
Cooling System Liquid Cooling / Super Cooling Fast Cooling Basic Cooling
Graphic Card High End Ultra Fast, with 1 GB DDR5 Separate RAM Mid Range, with 512 MB RAM Inbuilt Basic
EnCase Optional / Add-on Optional / Add-on Optional / Add-on
FTK Optional / Add-on Optional / Add-on Optional / Add-on
iLook Optional / Add-on Optional / Add-on Optional / Add-on
Mobile Forensic Tools Optional / Add-on Optional / Add-on Optional / Add-on
Sim Card Forensic Tools Optional / Add-on Optional / Add-on Optional / Add-on
Other Basic Software's Basic Forensic Investigation Tools Optional / Add-on Optional / Add-on
Price (INR) 2,50,000 to 5,50,000 Rs. 1,00,000 to 1,80,000 Rs. 60,000 to 1,50,000 Rs.







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