50% Fee Concession*

Dear Sir / Madam,

You can get 50% fee concession for Diwali Festival or Winter Season, Summer Season or for all ex-students.

Why 50 % Course Fee Concession / Discount?- We purchase eBook Licenses, Copyright Permissions, Online Study Materials, Exam System, Online Software's etc in bulk quantity, from which we have few available licenses / seats which are going to expire in 2022 / next year. Instead of expiring these licenses, it can be utilized in student benefits by providing 50 % course fee concession for all online courses (Limited Seats) Concession range 25% to 50%). Apply Now

Note: Only Online Courses and selected course types are available for this scheme. (Advanced Certification, Expert Certification, Specialized Certification and Universal Certification). Installment Fee Payment or Partial Payment facility is not available for this scheme. This scheme is available only for online / eStudy mode. Approval Basis Concession. Limited Seats Available - APPLICABLE ONLY FOR NEW COURSES. If you do not apply from this page and do not submit concession documents then concession will not be provided. Students must pay the below mentioned full fee at once. After registration he/she will receive online login details within 3 to 7 working days. Refer detailed concession guidelines from www.ifsedu.in/fee-concession-and-scholarships/

Available Course Types (eStudy)

Original Fee (Online)

50 % less : Course Fee (eStudy)

Advanced Certification

10,000 Rs.(300 USD)

5,000 Rs. (150 USD)

Certification (Expert)

20,000 Rs. (500 USD)

10,000 Rs. (250 USD)

Specialized Certification

30,000 Rs. (750 USD)

15,000 Rs. (375 USD)

Universal Certification

35,000 Rs. (900 USD)

17,500 Rs. (450 USD)


To Apply Now please visit: www.dlc.co.in/form/view.php?id=2470 (Apply only though this link).

Fee Payment Options:

1) Online by Any ATM Card, Debit Card, Credit Card, Internet Banking etc : www.forensic.co.in/cca

2) Bank Cash Deposit OR Online Transfer:  http://www.forensic.co.in/bank-accounts/ 

3) Demand Draft or Other Payment Options: www.forensic.co.in/pay

For Terms and Conditions please visit: www.ifsedu.in and refer T&C + FAQ (Some T&C are not applicable for this scheme, please contact support team for more information). Apply Now


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