Welcome to IFS Certifications, here we conduct online tests for knowledge testing and Certification will be awarded on the basis of score obtained in online test. We conduct online tests for various forensic science subjects and allied fields. These Direct Certifications are suitable for any experienced professionals or any person having skills & knowledge about any of the below areas. 


Sr. Code IFS Certification Name / Subject Certification Code / Award
01 Certified Forensic Expert CFE
02 Certified Handwriting Expert CHE
03 Certified Document and Fingerprint Expert CDFE
04 Certified Forensic Graphologist CFG
05 Certified Cyber Forensics Expert CCFE
06 Certified Cyber Law Expert CCLE
07 Certified Cyber Security Expert CCSE
08 Certified Mobile Phone Forensic Expert CMPFE
09 Certified Private Detective CPD
10 Certified Crime Scene Investigation CCSI
11 Certified Forensic Photographer CFP
12 Certified Forensic Medico-legal Expert CFMLE
13 Certified Forensic Accountant CFA
14 Certified Fingerprint Expert CFPE
15 Certified Forensic Odontologist   (Dentist) CFO
16 Certified Financial Fraud Examiner CFFE
17 Certified Private Investigator CPI
18 Certified Forensic Biotech. & DNA Expert CFBDE
19 Certified Forensic Psychology Expert CFPSE
20 Certified Forensic Engineering Expert CFEE


Option 1) Certification Fee (5 Year validity) = 7,000 INR / 175 USD. (Per Certification / Any One Certification or Any one Subject)

Option 2) Certification Fee (Life Time) = 25,000 INR / 600 USD. (Per Certification / Any One Certification or Any one Subject). 

Above Certification Fee includes = Admission / Registration Fee + Certification Fee + Testing / Exam. Fee + Online Ref. Study Materials Portal Access Membership + Printed Certificate Postal Charges etc + IFS One Year Free Membership + Online Database Listing and Free Advertisement on Expert Database Website. (No any additional Fee will be charged. All fees and charges are covered in above mentioned fee for normal process / structure of certifications.). 

APPLY Online – www.forensic.co.in/omap/form.html

The application / certification fee paid for the course, and is not refundable. We can only refund the application fee / certification fee when a certification / subject applied for has been cancelled or Only in case he/she does not get a seat. Also, the fee payment cannot be transferred to another course / certification / subject etc. Certification life time means = 50 years validity : Free online exam after 50 years to extend certification.

Direct Online Exam:

One Online Objective Exam will be conducted having 50 Objective Questions = 100 Marks. Online Exam Login Details and Exam Portal link etc will be sent on exam day at least before 5 to 10 min. of exam timing. Normally exam time limit is one hour (60 Minute), Exam portal will be activates apprx. at 12 PM to 2 PM (IST), so you can appear for online exam of one hour any time between 12 PM to 2 PM (Indian Standard Time), If there is any change, then only exam dept. team will inform updated exam details by email. Student must inform us any suitable exam date before Three Working days from your Exam date, It should working day / Not holiday. Exam date once confirmed will not be changed later. If student fails to confirm exam date within 30 days (It should working day / Not holiday), then exam will be auto-scheduled in next week or registration may cancelled, and online system may send exam login details and instructions, no any advanced notice will be sent in such cases. If students fails to confirm exam date OR fails to appear for auto-scheduled exam will be suspended, and he/she must re-activate application & apply for re-exam within 7 days by paying re-exam fee + late fee; re-activation of suspended application / re-exam is applicable only once in entire course period. If you do not receive login details, you have to send reminder email to support@forensic.co.in before one day as all exam are scheduled manually. After submission of answers of objective exam and after receiving online automated result by email- do not forget to apply for certificate & confirm your result online by filling from from www.dlc.co.in/form/ifs-29.aspx  (It must be submitted on exam day only and between mentioned exam timings, late entries can not accepted). * Flash player plugin is required for users web browser.

For any query always contact though our online support system, visit – www.ifs.cc and Submit New Support Ticket.




NOTE: Courses and these above mentioned Direct Certifications are two different parts and two different concepts. No any concession will be provided for above certifications. Concessions are available only for Distance / Online Courses, and not for above direct certifications.


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