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Certified / Experienced / Court Qualified Document and Handwriting Experts-

It is one of the very important task to choose a right document examiner or handwriting analyst, who must be trained, certified, court acceptable and experienced with the latest forensic examination techniques. If your case related to court, police or legal matter, then selecting the right & correct handwriting analyst or forensic document expert is just as important as choosing the right lawyer or advocate, otherwise there may be chances of negative effect on your case. Powerful Expert Opinion will help you win your case and save wastage of time & money.


“Handwriting Expert’s Opinion” is acceptable in Courts and for legal purposes. Anyone can take “Expert Opinion” for Signatures, Handwritings, Documents, Fingerprints etc. The writer of a forged signature can be identified  from verification of his known standard handwriting samples.


Forensic Document Expert, Forensic Handwriting Analyst, Forensic Document Examiner, Handwriting Expert (Don’t confuse with Graphologist):

We provides various Forensic Science services including- Forensic Expert Opinions Under Section 45 of Indian Evidence Act on Questioned Document & Handwriting Analysis, Signature Frauds and Forgery, Fingerprints, Thumb Impression, Forged Documents, Paper / Document, Cheque / Check Frauds, Other Handwriting related frauds like- Will or Deed Alterations, Disguised Handwritings, Contracts, Agreements, Notarized Documents, Registered Land Documents, Duplicate Documents, Decipher, Invisible Writing, Hidden Evidences, Blackmailing, Suicide Note, Disputed Documents, Property, Litigation, Threatening or Anonymous Letters,  Age Analysis, Cross Examination, Expert Testimony, Typewritten Document Examination, Computer Printout Examination, Infrared / Ultra Violet Examination of Papers, Handwriting of Deceased person, Handwriting before death, thumb impressions, fake agreements, Consumer Court related documents, Expert Consultation, Breach of Confidentiality, Legal Consultancy, Wrongful Termination, Forensic Imaging, Forensic Photography, and many more… We are working from many years for many corporate and Individual clients like- Banks, Insurance Industries, Software Companies, Education Sector etc


Our Expert’s opinions are acceptable in courts – According to : Indian Evidence Act, 1872, Section 45. Our Organization / Experts are appointed as “COMMISSIONER” by Hon. Courts of India where we assisted to courts / judges to record evidences, to find facts and solve cases. (Court commissioner can be appointed by Hon. Court – u/o 26 Rule 9 of Civil Procedure Code for local investigation).


You can refer our client list from this page –


Our opinions are court acceptable, approved and certified. Opinion of any handwriting expert is not the final word, but important part is – definite opinion can be formed if analysis is done according to required forensic standards and legal guidelines. We are not like other handwriting experts, who provides opinions on the basis of graphology or related to filed of graphology. (There is difference in- Graphology based Handwriting Experts and Forensic Handwriting Experts.), We provides opinions on the basis of Forensic Sciences – Document Examination Principles, which is having more reliability and acceptability. Our Opinions / Reports will help you to speedy process of your legal matter and provides idea about basic facts & direction to courts. 


Private Forensic Science Lab Services for Testing:

Our Examination, Verification and other various tests will help you to provide answer on these questions-

– Is the signature / writing genuine?
– Is the document is altered / written by a particular or same person?

– Are there alterations or obliterations on the document?
– Is the same person is writer of other documents?
– Who wrote an anonymous letter?
– Is the agreement / will / bill / stamp paper is altered or written by a suspected person?

– and our experts will answer on many other questions also…


CONFIDENTIALITY / PRIVACY: We are committed to protecting the privacy of all our clients.


Our Expert Opinions and Reports are acceptable in court in India and abroad (In India- U/S 45 of Indian Evidence Act)


We directly receives cases from Courts, Police stations, Govt. Departments, Banks, Public Sector Organizations, Corporates, Private Firms, Individuals etc. We also accept cases from ANY Individual Clients. They can directly submit cases to us and later submit report in courts.


IFS / Expert is Commissioned u/o 26 Rule 9 of Civil Procedure Code as “Court Commissioner”, and also eligible to provide expert opinions under section 151 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 – acc. to Indian Evidence Act, 1872, Section 45.


Experts Opinions / Forensic Reports submitted in / for : Delhi High Court, Bombay High Court, Kerala High Court, Jharkhand High Court, Karnataka High Court, Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, National Company Law Appellate Tribunal, Consumer Courts and many other Hon. Courts, Police Stations and Govt. Departments etc.


Acc. to many Hon. Court Decisions / Judgments : It is clearly stated that – Our experts opinion was Very Important and found reliable / authentic for that case. Many courts / Judges appreciated our experts opinion and forensic services.

Note : All Charges for forensic services are revised w.e.f.  1 Dec 2015.



There are several ways to submit your questioned documents to our experts and forensic lab-

1) Direct Submission / By Hand: You can submit your suspected and doubtful document by hand or through messenger to any of the our office.

2) By Post or Courier: You can also submit your questioned documents by Registered Post, Speed Post, Courier and other mailing services to our office address.

3) By E-Mail: To send your scanned documents by e-mail simply attach scanned document to email and send it at

4) Through Secure Online Submission: This is one of the advanced, secure and fastest way to submit your confidential, important and suspected documents through Online Secure System, just visit and submit document within few seconds.



After successful Forensic Analysis of your documents, We will dispatch you ‘Forensic Examination Report or Expert Opinion’ by Speed Post, Registered Post, Priority Mail, Through Messenger or Direct in your Hand and up on court request our Expert will attend and available for Cross Examination purpose.


Send Documents by Post / Courier / E-Mail etc and get Expert Opinion Report by Post/Courier to Save Time and Money. If later court calls our expert, out expert will attend the court.


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