Rules (T&C)

Rules, Guidelines, Legal Disclosures, Terms and Conditions:

This Agreement constitutes and expresses the entire agreement and understanding between the IFS and the Students / Clients / Customers / Members, Consumer or  User of the IFS in reference to all matters herein referred to, all previous discussions, promises, representations and understandings relative thereto, if any, had between the parties hereto, being herein merged. Do not forget to read Imp. Announcements and News etc.

  1. Read all these (below mentioned)  details, rules,  terms and conditions very carefully. IFS will not responsible for any consequences / losses. Save these terms and conditions for your own reference. 

  2. According to needs and information received from concerned organizations, departments and quality policy updates, we regularly update / improve or change these Rules, Regulations, Terms, Conditions, Notices, Announcements, Fee Structures, Guidelines, Process, Patterns, Syllabus etc on regular basis, so please always visit websites and also check all your emails regularly.

  3. User can pay fee by any method like Online, Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking etc… but If you are paying by DD or Cheque: The Demand Draft or Cheque must be drawn in favour of ‘I F S’, and Do not write any other word or name. On Cheque or DD only write IFS and nothing else. (Payable at Pune).

  4. Fee paid for the courses, certifications, services, training, online delivery etc is not refundable. We can only refund the application fee when a course applied for has been cancelled by IFS or Only in case he/she does not get a seat, also, the fee payment cannot be transferred to another course. Fee once paid is not refundable or adjustable under any circumstances in future. Don’t pay any extra amount apart from the requisite fee. services once cancelled will not be re-considered and fee paid will not be refunded under any circumstances. All payment are final so… no charge back or refunds. Fee mentioned in INR / Rs. is for Indian users only. Fee mentioned in USD is for International users or Out of India Students. Due to Special agreement with banks – Charge-backs, Transaction Disputes or Refunds etc not allowed in any condition.
  5. Any change in address, email id, phone number, mobile number or in any other details must be informed in advanced.
  6. Always use exact same email id used during application or only registered email id for any correspondence in future. Do not use or contact trough any other email id which is not registered with us. You will not receive any response, and IFS will not be responsible for any losses. If your email id is changed then inform us instantly. (Your registered email id is your unique identity)
  7. We provide I-Card on complementary basis, it helps in concession for IFS Seminars, Workshops, Next admissions, Conferences etc. (Single Unique Card). No duplicate card will be issued to any student.

  8. For any correspondence please use Registered Post, Speed Post or any trusted / reliable courier services. Do not send any documents or communications by normal post or book post etc. (we will not be responsible for any losses).  We recommend for India Post and courier services like- DHL,Fedex, DTDC, First Flight, BlueDart Courier etc. For these courier companies prefer premium and fast delivery options instead of normal services.
  9. IFS reserves the right to alter fee, structure, content, or any of the terms or conditions described in this site/brochure without notice at any time and to deny enrollment to any person without explanation.

  10. Indian Category- Residing in India, having Indian postal address with Indian citizenship. International Category- residing out of India / having postal address out of India.

  11. Duration will be started / counted from payment only. (Not from inquiry emails, document submission etc. All mentioned times are Indian Standard Times – You can check current Indian Time from- (Days mentioned are working days / Business Days = Excluding weekends (Saturday & Sundays) and Holidays.)

  12. We provide time required for services in working days / business days, excluding holidays and weekends. (Said duration / days means : time required for services only, Shipment and delivery time is not considered. E.g. For your services we given delivery promise of 5 working days, then it means we need clear 5 business days for services, Your services, reports will be ready to dispatch during this 5 working days and will be shipped on next working day means on 6th business day only. 

  13. We are not responsible for delays – due to courier or postal services, natural calamities, unavoidable reasons, holidays, payment processing time, cheque / Demand Draft rejection or any other reason from your side. We are not responsible for postal delays or processing delays by a payee etc,  check your emails regularly for such updates…

  14. It always requested / suggested that- Consider all the deadlines or final dates by deducting min. 3 to 5 days to avoid any type of problems due to late cheque clearances from bank, postal delay, internal dept. processing delay, holidays or other technical or unavoidable reasons. We will try to complete and deliver services on promised date / time, but in some cases it may take more time due to unavailability of Ref. Experts due to court dates, Holidays,  and other unavoidable reasons. We will not be responsible for any delay due to Postal Dept, Courier Services, Services or reasons which are beyond our control. We can’t expedite services or force to third party agencies.
  15. Special Note – For dispatching of report / certificate etc, Indian postal service will be used. If private courier services will be required to be used then user must have to pay courier charges separately. (You can send prepaid envelope or can pay through online shipping labels and send the bar-code/labels to us).

  16. Regarding printed reports or certificates : If you have any urgency or need it immediately then please collect it from office personally / through your authorized messenger, or prefer paid private courier services as per your convenience, because we normally send reports / certificates by speed post / registered post (Through Indian Postal services) without any additional fee for Indian addresses, which may take some additional time for delivery. You have to bear their fee / charges if you want it by private courier or address is out of India. Indian postal charges (Speed Post / Regd. Post Fee) will not be charged for Indian Addresses. You must inform us regarding this before dispatching it.
  17. The payment must be received in full before the order or services are delivered. Ref. No. & Bar-code / QR Code will be generated after clearance from the Account Dept. After that only we can print reports / opinion / certificate etc, so 100% payment is required before dispatch / delivery or complete work.
  18. All our Services, Certifications, Courses, Materials and Contents are for legal, ethical, educational and informational purposes only. IFS and Team will not responsible for their misuse, User will be solely responsible for misuse of the Services, Information, Knowledge and Tools or any other content. All report content will be provided in ENGLISH language only.

  19. Many Courts, Organizations, Companies and departments around the world do accept our reports / certificates. However, we do not keep track of which services are accepted where and under what conditions.  Always contact us for any query before availing services.

  20. Acceptability of our Reports, Opinions, Services, Certificates, or Recognition is depend up on respective team / officer / Hon. Court / Dept. or organization etc. Please check all your requirements before applying and payment.

  21. After taking personal opinion, if you want legal opinion, then fresh case submission is required. No concession will be provided for the same. Both opinion types have different analysis methods and techniques, so a complete new examination is required. Many clients ask to charge only a difference amount or request to deduct the amount paid for personal opinion, which will not be accepted.
  22. Appearing for Cross examination / Demonstration / Spot Visit / Reporting in Court or Company etc will be charged extra, per visit + per date and too & fro extra. (Full payment in advance required)
  23. All Franchise, affiliated centers or corporate member’s are independent legal entities. The IFS is not responsible in anyway for the decisions and actions taken by these independent entities and they solely responsible for all other activities.

  24. All Taxes are extra, if applicable. Additional Taxes / fees / Too & Fro / Work / Service charges may apply.

  25. Any undelivered and returned consignments will be re-dispatched after shipping fee payment. IFS reserves the right to refuse the refund that does not meet criteria. Shipping, payment gateway charges, PG taxes and insurance charges etc are non-refundable. In case of cheque return, bounce or dishonor you will also have to bear cheque return charges, shipping fee and handling charges of Rs. 250 to 500 Rs.
  26. IFS shall have no responsibility for any damage to Reports, Documents, Certificates, Forms, DD / Cheques, Parcels or any other losses, in courier or postal services.

  27. We provide Online Support Ticket System for help or support, We do not provide – Skype, Chatting, or other support modes, and Study modes likes Zoom, Google Meet etc. For any updates or announcements please contact us regularly, User / Student must have basic knowledge about computer, internet, email etc to access online portals, study materials, to check announcements, updates, exam. schedule, to appear online exam., to assignment questions etc. As our main communication medium is E-Mail Only and all the systems are online, so you may not receive any phone call from us, alternatively we place all the announcements on website.

  28. For any request, help or complaint etc always contact us by email or support control panel and NOT BY PHONE, IFS will not be responsible for any complaint regarding telephonic conversation, any wrong information or support team’s promises over pone etc, so always use email as a contact or support method, so we and you can track every contact activity / communication. always use e-mail, because you have a record and can get a read receipt.

  29. Users may use Universal Currency Converter from to pay fee in other currencies

  30. On cancellations or withdrawals, no payments will be refunded. Fee will not be transferred. No any changes will be accepted in name, mode, fee etc. Materials can not be returned or changed etc. Neither any intimation will be sent to you, nor any correspondence will be entertained in this regard.

  31. Incase of any misuse, misbehaviour, alterations, frauds, charge-backs, disputes, legal matters or unethical act – all services will be considered as null and void, services will be suspended, ongoing services will be paused, chargeback amount will be considered as negative balance / pending fee.
  32. It is your responsibility to review, contact and visit our websites, support team from time to time to ensure that you continue to agree with all of its terms. If you have any questions, please contact us. It is user’s first duty to read terms, conditions, FAQ and emails etc, any losses caused due to this will not considered in any circumstances. Every user must have his/her active email id and phone number. (Unacceptable reasons- My email account was hacked, my email account was not working, I don’t have internet connection, There was internet connectivity problem, I don’t have email ID, I don’t have knowledge about computer or internet, power failure, account was deleted, I was busy, I was out of country or city, other official works, official or personal reasons, health or bed rest reasons etc…)

  33. Do email us the details after payments with transaction id’s at (Payments can not be confirmed without intimation)

  34. Your reports, certificate will be printed with your name as it appears on your documents and/or application. Should you wish to modify your name on your report/certificate, please submit a request in writing along with legal supporting documentation of the change such as a attested photocopy of respective document. (additional fees may apply) For a name change to be reflected on the final certificate, the name change request must be submitted in advance / before printing.
  35. Our Experts or Examiners report will be final; any type changes, suggestions or objections will not be acceptable. (We are Forensic Experts, Scientist and Examiners, not a Judge or Lawyer, We present facts and work for truth). Examination process may take 10 to 15 working days / as per quantity of exhibits.
  36. Reports, Opinions, Results or Observations etc will not be disclosed over the phone or through email. Only one hard copy of the report / opinion / certificate is generated.
  37. Incorrect Report / Certificate : Contact us to report if you find any printing error / mistakes in your report / opinion / certificate or letter etc (Typo from our side). If you have received your report / certificate and found any printing error etc, then you must inform us within 2 days and return your original documents to the IFS Office within 5 days from report / certificate issued, (If we do not receive any updates by email within 48 hours then it will be considered as all provided services / reports / opinions, letters or certificates are correct and error free), any request received after 2 days will not be considered in any condition and respective user/client will be solely responsible for any such losses.

  38. Due to some unavoidable critical reasons, If any student want to extend their exam. date, then they have to submit re-exam fee with any critical reason in request letter in writing along with proof like- Medical Certificate from recognized Authority / RMP etc. then you can extend your exam. date but only once (Acc. to final decision from dept.). Maximum extension period is 20 days. (Final decision by Senior authority only without any additional communication). This extension in exam or change in exam date will be provided only once No any request or complaint will be accepted regarding this. Exam time limit is 30 min. If students appears for exam at 12 PM IST, and fails in appeared exam before 12.30 PM then one free extra attempt will be provided, Exam portal will closed at 1 PM.* For more details please refer detailed terms and info. from student portal / exam portal* or contact support team.
  39. If Services void, Application / Admission or Registration is- Suspended / Deleted, then no any complaint will be accepted in any condition, We also not responsible for any losses caused, if we have sent reminder emails and you have not checked it, email id is hacked etc problems. Check your emails regularly and also visit our website for updates, announcements etc because IFS may not send you reminders by email every time.

  40. Fee once paid is not refundable or adjustable under any circumstances in future. Don’t pay any extra amount apart from the requisite fee. As per our special bank agreement there is no way to refund, reverse amount, transaction dispute with bank, or chargeback transactions. If: Application form is incomplete, fee paid is short, required documents are not complete, false documents have been submitted, required educational qualifications are not fulfilled, incorrect or wrong information is given, Imp. Note: Admission once cancelled will not be re-considered and fee paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  41. Admission will be considered as Null and void & Account will be deleted permanently : if suspended account is not activated within 30 days, failed to appear for any exam, course not completed within stipulated time, or students entire course duration is extended by 30 days or more. No any fee will be refunded in above cases.  Fresh admission will be required in such cases.
  42. All final decisions by Concerned Authority. It must be permitted or granted only after proper procedure and decision from concerned authority.

  43. We may change these Charges and Terms & Conditions at any time, without notice. Also refer all Terms, Guidelines, Rules and Regulations from your Student Portal carefully.

  44. Please read all the rules, regulations, terms and conditions carefully (Before Application and Fee Payment ), to avoid any kind of trouble or misunderstandings, at later stage any kind of objections, requests or complaints will not be entertained in any situation. Violations of rules, terms & conditions; unacceptable arguments, inappropriate behavior; negligence to confirm dates, submit assignment, any fee payment, updates, changes, announcements, checking emails regularly etc will not be tolerated in any circumstances. Changes, if any, made in the admission rules, guidelines and/or in the T&C from time to time shall be applicable to candidates seeking admission in the IFS.
  45. Any complaint should be lodged within a specified time. IFS will not be responsible for delayed complaints, problems or complaints not brought to our attention within a specified time. No any complaint will be entertained in any condition.
  46. Always call to / accept calls from official numbers only. Don’t answer calls from any other numbers. If you receive an unwanted call from someone who claims to be IFS Staff or working with IFS, feel free to hang up at any time. Don’t call a number they gave you. So, please do not call to any other numbers and We do not call from any other numbers. Fraudsters may upload fake numbers on their fake websites which come up in Google search results. If you receive a call from any other number, ask them to call from 97 97 100 100 or 93 83 100 100 or 90 11 864 864 or 020 41264864. For any suspicious activity always confirm it from IFS by email. IFS will not be responsible for any loss. You are solely responsible for any loss or damage you or we may suffer as a result of your failure to do so.
  47. Always use officially mentioned details for any payment. Do not pay to any other name, upi id or account numbers. Only pay to above account names, numbers & director name accounts mentioned above. We do not accept any payments to the staff account. For any suspicious activity always confirm it from IFS by email. IFS will not be responsible for any loss. You are solely responsible for any loss or damage you or we may suffer as a result of your failure to do so.
  48. Arbitration : All disputes relating to or arising out of this agreement etc shall be settled by reference to arbitration only and not by recourse to the courts of law, as per the applicable Indian Law including the Arbitration and Conciliation Act of 1996. An arbitration tribunal consisting of a single member only shall conduct arbitration. The IFS’s nominee shall be the persona designate as an arbitrator. The venue of arbitration shall be Pune, India. The arbitration clause shall however not apply if the IFS and or the authorized agent decide to prosecute any student for any criminal offences, including but not limited to dishonor of post-dated cheques.

  49. Indemnity : A student agrees to indemnify, defend and hold the IFS harmless from and against any and all loss, damage, liability and expense (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs) arising out of any third party claim, action or proceeding based directly or indirectly on the acts of omission or commission by the member or his/her agents, the breach or alleged breach or failure to comply with any applicable laws or regulations, concerning the practice of profession.

  50. Limitation of Liability : The liability of the IFS towards the students is limited only to the extent of the Enrollment Fees paid by them. To clarify further, the IFS shall not be liable to the students for fees paid by them to any franchise etc as tuition and other fees. The IFS shall also not be liable to the students for punitive, exemplary, special, indirect, or consequential damages, including without limitation, lost profits.

  51. Applicable Law : The agreement shall be deemed to have been made in Pune in the State of Maharashtra, India and shall be construed and enforced in accordance with and the validity and performance hereof shall be governed by the laws of the State of Maharashtra, India without reference to principles of conflict of laws thereof. Judicial proceedings regarding any matter arising under the terms of the Agreement shall be brought in the relevant courts of Pune, India.
    Jurisdiction for all disputes (if any) relating to the any courses is Pune, India.

  52. All disputes are subject to exclusive jurisdiction of Courts at Pune, India only.

  53. Read all these (above mentioned) details, rules, terms and conditions very carefully. IFS will not responsible for any consequences / losses.


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