Handwriting Analysis, Signature Verification and Document Examinations…

Fingerprint Developments and Fingerprint / Thumb Impression Verifications.

Fingerprinting for FBI, RCMP, Australia, Dubai etc. – PCC, VISA etc.

Cyber Crime Investigations, Email and Audio / Video Examinations.

FBI Fingerprinting, FINRA, Background Check, Criminal Record Check, etc.

Expert Opinions for Courts – Handwriting, Signature and Documents…

– Investigations and Expert Opinions
Private Forensic Lab and Testing. 
– Forensic Sciences Publication
– Forensic Sciences Research
– Forensic Research and Development
Expert Opinions, Consultancy, Investigations for-

Cyber Forensics / Computer Forensics

Cyber Crimes & Cyber Security

Questioned Documents & Handwriting

Digital Signature Certificates

Private Investigations

Finger Prints Investigation
Bank Theft Investigation
Expert Consultation
Medico Legal Consultation
Disguised signatures
Expert Testimony / Cross Examination
Police Clearance / Visa & Immigration
Background Verification (PCC)
Forged signature
Typewriting Analysis / Document Cases
Fingerprint Development and Lifting
Cheques Frauds / Over Writing
Paper & ink Examination

Fingerprint / Thumb Impression Verification

Deleted Data / File Recovery

Formatted Partitions Recovery

Deleted E-Mail Recovery

Mobile Phone Data Recovery

Mobile SMS / Call History Recovery

Web Designing, SEO, Web Hosting

Domain Registration & Protection

Web Programming & Development

Orkut / Face book / Community Crimes

Disputed Wills / Alterations / Additions

DSC Class 2 for MCA / ITR Filing

Blood, Saliva and Semen Testing


Blood, Saliva and Semen Testing

Digital Signature / DSC for MCA21

Anonymous Letters & Emails
Threatening letters & E-Mails
Forensic photography
FBI Fingerprinting PCC FD 258 Card
Ballistics/Explosives Evidence Collection

Paper / Document Ink Age Analysis
Fire / Arson Cases
Environmental & Nature Crime
Homicide, Murder, Kidnapping
Image Photo Authentication
Digital Photo Time Investigation
Crime Scene Investigations
Legal Help & Consultancy
Digital Evidence Collections
Biometrics Security Solutions

Evidence Recovery & Collection

E-Mail and IP Tracking

Web Security & Security Auditing

Fingerprinting Expert for State PCC

Virus Attack / Hacking Investigation

Cell Phone Forensics

E-Mail & SMS Crimes

Networking and Security

Database Examination

Password Protection / Unlocking

Property Documents

Handwriting matching / compare

Digital Signature Class 2 Urgent

and many more…


For Court or Legal purpose reports / expert opinions available for: Handwriting Examination, Documents Analysis, Signature Verification, Fingerprint Verification, Fingerprint Development, FBI Fingerprinting, PCC Fingerprinting etc…

Personal or Private use Opinions / Reports available for: Cyber, Audio / Video, DNA; and Rapid Test of Blood, Saliva & Semen etc…

Legal Opinions available on Court Order / Permission: Digital Evidences and other services.

Tests not available: Ink Age, Paper Age, Age of Writing, Ballistic Tests, Forensic Engineering Tests, Forensic Psychology Tests, Forensic Medicine Tests, Forensic Toxicology Tests  etc; and Legal tests on Cyber, Audio / Video, DNA etc… (Only primary basic consultancy may available for these subject areas)


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