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Articles / Papers, Case Study, Study Material Articles, Research Work or Thesis are invited to publish in IFS Journal and Ref. Books, These published copies are distributed among corporates, organizations, laboratories, colleges, universities, students etc. IFS Members (except Student Members) able to publish their articles without any fees during membership period . Other than that charges may be applicable per Article / Paper / Thesis (Currently Free of Cost).  


Our journal / publication is open access, which means that your article / paper is available to anyone in the world to download / read for free directly from the website and distributed copies.

Send your original work (If you are taking any ref. or topics from other source please don’t forget to mention source / ref. / author etc); Our journal / publication is all published online as well as in print media and there are no limits on the number or size of the papers we can publish. So, your paper will not be rejected due to lack of space. If your article / work is published elsewhere then you have to send Permission / Consent or Request letter to us for re-printing / publication. All papers may published in the print edition and, in PDF and HTML format. All papers and contact details of corresponding authors are included in our press release service, which means that your work is drawn to the attention of all the main media organizations & targeted people group in the world, who may choose to feature the work in newspaper and other media reports. Articles should have adequate Images, Tables, Designs, Methods, Procedures, Conclusions etc. If English is not the first language of authors, they are advised to have their article edited by a native English speaker before submission. A submission that does not comply with our requirements will be unsubmitted. Submissions must be supported by an ethical statement on behalf of all authors. This should be included in the submission covering letter with the corresponding author taking responsibility for having consulted with all the authors. If all or parts of previously published material are used, permission must be obtained from the copyright holder concerned. It is the author’s responsibility to obtain these in writing and provide copies to IFS. It is a condition of publication that authors grant the ‘IFS’ the exclusive license to publish all articles, including abstracts. Papers will not be passed to the publisher for production unless the exclusive license to publish has been granted. Please note that: multiple revisions are rarely or not permitted, and there is no guarantee that the article will be accepted or if accepted there is no guarantee that the article will be published.




Writer / Author have to send (Printed or Scanned) Cover cum Copyright letter which includes-
It should be stated that:


(a) the material has not been published in whole or in part elsewhere; (b) the paper is not currently being considered for publication elsewhere; (c) all authors have been personally and actively involved in substantive work leading to the report, and will hold themselves jointly and individually responsible for its content; If document content is copied, downloaded or otherwise reused for non-commercial research and education purposes, a link to the appropriate bibliographic citation (authors, journal, article title, volume, issue, page numbers, DOI and the link to the definitive published version) should be maintained. Copyright notices and disclaimers should not be deleted. Any form of research mis-conduct, Duplicate publication, Plagiarism, Publication of false or misleading research, Violation of ethical standards, Publication of false or misleading research and Data ownership disputes will be strictly avoided by author, writer during submission and author, submitter will only responsible for that & IFS will not be responsible for any above matter.


Top 10 selected articles and/or All Published will be awarded by Certificate.*



Forensic Science, Criminology, Forensic Psychology, Cyber Crime, Cyber Law, Cyber Forensics, Crime Investigation, Crime Scene, Fingerprint, Forensic Odontology / Dentistry, Forensic Photography, Criminal Profiling, DNA Testing, Questioned Documents and Handwriting, Private Investigator, Private Detective, Forensic Audio / Video Analysis, Indian Laws, Mobile Phone Forensics, SIM Card Forensics, Credit Card Fraud , Document and Ink Age Analysis, Expert Witness, Expert Opinion Writing, Cross Examination, Forensic Medicine, Toxicology, Wildlife Forensics, Forensic Engineering, Evidence, Forensic Expert, Forensic Accounting, Financial Frauds, Portrait Parle, Modus Operandi, Polygraph Testing, Narco-analysis, Lie-Detection, Brain Profiling, E-Mail Tracking, IP Tracking, Digital Evidence Collection, Cyber Security, Chain of Custody, Forensic Lab etc…

We strongly believe that our journal / publication will help to develop your own professional career. We hope that the forensic community address the growth of forensic and innovate ways to which forensic attains the caliber it deserves for the growing demand of its use in crime scenarios. It is in this concern that we invite research experts, forensic experts, detectives, research scholar, researcher, advocates, faculty, teacher, professor, officers, students etc to publish their research and publications hoping to give rise to definitive solutions to the rising tide of crime. We may change these Charges and Terms & Conditions at any time as IFS reserves the right to alter these T&C and RR etc, without notice. The decision of the director will be final and conclusive, All disputes are subject to exclusive jurisdiction of Courts at Pune, India only.

We are happy to invite you to submit your valuable work at IFS.

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