DNA Testing, DNA Profiling

DNA Testing / Profiling / Genotyping- (Internationally Accredited Testing)
Certified / Experienced / Qualified DNA Experts and Labs (These tests are available for personal use and peace of mind only)-


‘IFS’ is affiliated to world class, internationally accredited and independent DNA testing Lab, which provides DNA testing, paternity testing or medical services arenas. The laboratory currently contracted by us to carry out our DNA testing has been operating since 1999. Over the last 10-11 years they have performed more than 5,50,000 DNA tests and paternity tests etc. From our offices in Pune, Delhi and Uttarakhand etc we have also established corporate relationships with various DNA labs around the world who are each specialists & expert in their own field.


Paternity Test, Prenatal Paternity Test, Maternity Test, Siblingship Test, Y-STR Male Lineage Test, X-SV Female Lineage Test, Twin Zygosity Test, Missing Parent Test, Avuncular Test, Cousin Test, Identification Profiling, Home DNA Banking, Infidelity Testing, For Immigration and personal purpose etc

Collection of samples for DNA test is painless process and involves swabbing the inside of cheeks of family members with special & standard sterile swabs (No needles, No blood). We have Technical excellence as well as legal knowledge from the foremost DNA testing and forensic science laboratories in the world. We take pride in the quality, standards and integrity of our DNA testing services and have a quality assurance programme in place to make sure that all our testing results are accurate. This quality assurance programme runs all the DNA samples twice and double-checks the results to provide absolute confidence that the DNA test results you receive are correct and accurate.

These tests are available for personal use and peace of mind only



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